The Phoenix and the Scarab, a Poem by Kephra Rubin


The Phoenix and the Scarab

She waits
Standing in gasoline
Holding a match
You listen to her as she screams

If it’s love
Then you’ll come
Put out the flame
So you reach
To extinguish
And fix everything

Until she lights another match
And starts to scream

Then you see, retreat
Because you believe
If it’s love then she’ll come
Without any match

But when she does comes back
She’s brought all the gas

How many times can you try
How many lies can you mind
Before you let go
Let it burn all night?
So you say goodbye
Inside your mind

Watch her match light
Hide the tears inside

That’s when you hear it
A splash
Look around and see gas
Look in your own hand
That’s when you see your own match
Yeah, you’re just as bad

The phoenix and the scarab, destined to burn
What will you choose to become after your rebirth?

By Kephra Rubin

copyright 2014 Kephra Rubin

I post as often as I can, but due to a slight case of dyslexia sometimes it is difficult to post quickly. I have to rewrite my work many times for it to be clear and concise. Subscribe and you’ll always know when I have something new up. Thanks in advance.

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About Kephra Rubin

I am slightly dyslexic and have a difficulty with writing. It's because of this that I try to write as much as I can. Lately my writing has improved quite a bit and it's thanks to everyone who reads and posts on my blog. Sometimes it is difficult for me to post as regularly as others do since everything requires a lot of rewrites. Subscribe to my blog so you always know when I've got something new up. Thanks in advance.
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