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Dada, Peas (Poem by Kephra Rubin)

Poem about a father’s struggle with leaving his daughter to provide for her and the wedge his absence drives between them. Continue reading

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Help Poughkeepsie Author Kephra Rubin choose the cover to his next book.

A poll is up, by voting you’ll get to choose which cover will be used for my next novel “Walk Through the Valley: Calm Waters” Like my facebook page and get entered for a chance to win 1 of 10 … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas, and how a supernatural thriller with zombies plays into your holiday

Happy Holidays, if you’ve got a case of the bahumbugs, this may help Continue reading

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Saying What We Say, a Poem by Kephra Rubin

This poem delves deeply into the turmoil between two people who love and hate each other at the same time Continue reading

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The Turmoil Between, a Haiku by Kephra Rubin

A Haiku that cuts to the core of two lovers and their constant relationship problems Continue reading

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That Girl is a Glass Statue, Poem by Kephra Rubin

Some say she’s a whore… I say she’s a glass statue. Continue reading

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Loving Like Movies, a Poem by Kephra Rubin

Loving Like Movies She pushes me out Tears our souls apart To test her doubts Hopes I’ll chase her heart That’s her dream For me to come grab her arms “Dirty Dancing” Was the name of that one I think … Continue reading

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