Avengers Infinity War Movie Review (Sucked) ***SPOILERS****

thanosAvengers: Infinity War Movie Review: SPOILERS!!!

Rating: Sucked*








Use the time stone to trap Thanos in a time loop for all eternity… movie’s 20 minutes long, all loose ends tied.

I mean the time stone is like the wood chipper of the marvel universe. How do you take care of (insert villain here)? Trap them in a time loop for all eternity.

Why is the red skull in charge of anything? Who put him in charge? Does the soul stone talk? Does it knight people?

Open the force-field… and let thousands die… so that millions can die? No… they would have totally just killed vision. You called Cap… and it took him that long to think that maybe wakanda could figure something out sooner? Ya killed vision, cap, you killed vision… smh.

Why not just let what’s-his-face keep punching Thanos while you continue to remove the gauntlet? The bug lady was able to hold on while Thanos was a bucking bronco, he wasn’t even hitting her hands. That was ridiculous.

Iron Man… you let go of the gauntlet that was almost off his hand… to stop Star Lord of the Dance from mussing up purple guy’s sack-chin creases… instead of helping Spiderman pull the glove off the rest of the way? Or blocking thanos when he tried to grab the gauntlet after losing it… why? So you could hug star lord? Where are your priorities man?

So… Dr. Strange looks out and sees all the possibilities… and trapping Thanos in a time loop… which considering Thanos still needs to wage ground wars and stuff means he’s not as powerful as the big blob of something from some marvel movie where a big thing does something and got stuck in a time loop totally worked… because why? He’s got the gem from Jem’s truly outrageous wrist communicator in his Michael Jackson glove? He can create illusions? Jem didn’t even make any sense and that show made more sense than not using the time loop.

Don’t worry, though, it’ll all make sense in part two… when we… what? Pull a Wizard of Oz and just zing everything back to before it all happened… or cast new actors in the same roles like they did with Star Trek and just pretend like a time ripple would have everything happen roughly the same way with completely different people that evolution somehow gave the same personalities they had before… like what are we doing?

I mean… I understand basically any story can be picked apart, and you have to suspend some disbelief in order to really immerse yourself… there’s a lot of zombie movies i love and zombies don’t even make any sense… I get it… but how suspended do I have to be? It’s one thing to say, okay, assuming zombies could be real… tell me a story. It’s another thing to just create a hokey mess with lots of special effects to distract from poor decision making.

I can accept that Thanos, a guy who can transport millions of soldiers to commit 50% genocide, wouldn’t just use those transportation capabilities to… transport people to other planets instead of slaughtering them… but I have to suspend too much in order to watch this story.

Yeah the action was cool, the funny parts were funny, they did a good job handling lots of characters without it feeling as chaotic as other marvel movies… but nobody noticed these things?

Chances are lots of people, probably not in positions of power, noticed and they all got ignored and that… I can’t suspend anything for.

It wasn’t all bad, Spider Man was good, even Thanos, in terms of his struggle and commitment to his task was great.

I try to be fair with movie reviews and I take reviewers average opinion, the rating on IMDB, people I listen to in theaters etc. into account and will weigh that against my personal feelings to try and use my reviews as a tool to predict at what likeliness you’ll enjoy the movie. With that in mind, I think most people will love the movie.

So I guess really it gets a “pretty damn good”* rating and not a “sucked” rating… but personally I think it sucked.

After being fair through I don’t know how many movies revolved around “heroes” creating the very problems they solve, fighting a swarm of something and facing off against villains that are some kind of dark reflection of themselves… I guess I just needed to blow off a little steam… because… ya know… avengers infinity war is a movie where a bunch of heroes have to deal with ten years of things they did which brought Thanos to their doorstep… a man who is a dark reflection of their obsessive need to save the universe… who has an army that is really just a swarm of something…

But yeah… “pretty damn good”

Edit: *Rating: Pretty Damn Good

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Sneak Peak: Cover Art for Calm Waters

A photo of the cover art for my new book Calm Waters

The first draft of the book cover. The shield is getting changed to two axes and the font is going to be different. Any other suggestions? Leave a comment.

The final edits are underway! Here’s a sneak peak at the cover art for Walk Through the Valley: Calm Waters.

It’s been tough. Between editors taking advantage of my reading impairment issues and taking money for incomplete work, and artists that needed far too much wrangling, we are finally getting a productive team together.

I read several books on writing faster and learned a lot about structure and planning. “2k to 10k” was a good one. Comment if you’re trying to write and want to check out books like this because there are some to avoid. I’ll reply to your comment as quick as I can with other titles.

Ultimately I have been finding a lot of joy in just making this work. Yes, roadblocks, negative people, scammers and the like can be nerve wracking: but I swear it’s like I’m finding myself in the characters I write. It’s a mental exercise in a way. To challenge a character to face a fear and conquer demons, helps me to reflect and see things from other perspectives.

The biggest struggle right now is time. I’m working a ton to try and get full custody of my daughter, working a ton means i don’t see my daughter as much, lawyers aren’t free and courts are prejudice toward fathers.

Anyway, staying positive I also read some books on time management and organization. I’m seeing not only am i getting more done, juggling everything without feeling as overwhelmed, I’m also sleeping better which means fewer mistakes. Getting Things Done was the best one for that. (comment for more titles) I still need to learn a lot more but the little I’ve learned has had a huge impact.

So, I guess really the big thing I need to learn is to accept the passage of time. Time is not grains of sand slipping between my fingers as I try to grasp it all. (Contrary to a poem a wrote long ago) It is an experience that has to be… well… experienced. So how do you fully experience every minute?

I don’t really know yet… perhaps I’ll have a character work on that one for me.

Thanks for reading, I’ll talk to you soon



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The Night Will Turn to Day (Poem)


The Night Will Turn To Day
By Kephra Rubin

Oh, my mother used to say
No matter how dark it seems
The sun will always shine
Hold on through the night
So you might find the day

She’s not here to ask
How long will darkness last?
How hard will night push back?
How do I find my way?
When there’s darkness every day?

Am I running toward the light?
Have I been running this whole time?
Chasing down the sun
Keeping up with night?
Fleeing every day?

Einstein used to ask
What we thought of all the stars
Will the universe do us harm?
Or give us open arms?
Do you trust night to turn to day?

I think I trusted it once
Maybe a long time ago
I know my brain believes
Letting go gets you gobbled up
So you never see the day

Still, I feel my heart telling me
To trust and just let go
To know the world has hope
To know that love is shown
Stop running from it all
Stop chasing all that’s wrong
Let the night keep rolling on
And watch it turn to day

Just watch it turn to day
Watch it turn to day
If you let it change
The Night Will Turn to Day

By Kephra Rubin
Copyright Kephra Rubin 2017

Next poem: Dada, Peas


I post as often as I can, but due to a slight case of dyslexia sometimes it is difficult to post quickly. I have to rewrite my work many times for it to be clear and concise. Subscribe and you’ll always know when I have something new up. Thanks in advance.

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Dada, Peas (Poem by Kephra Rubin)


Dada, Peas…
By Kephra Rubin

Her eyes well
They beg
Rain falls from them

She reaches out
She screams
It sounds like: Dada, peas…

Peas don’t go
Dada peas stay
What can I do?
Other than go away?

A society lead astray
A nation of absence
A home of struggle
Ends meeting under strain

Maybe some day
Break free from this thing
And play together

Maybe when I’m old and gray

Dada, peas…
Who cares about things?
What about us?
Aren’t I part of your dream?

Reach for me,

Dada, peas…

By Kephra Rubin
Copyright Kephra Rubin 2016

Next poem: The Night Will Turn to Day


I post as often as I can, but due to a slight case of dyslexia sometimes it is difficult to post quickly. I have to rewrite my work many times for it to be clear and concise. Subscribe and you’ll always know when I have something new up. Thanks in advance.

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The Book’s For You

The book’s for you, well, it’s for me too. It can’t get to you if it isn’t for me first, right? I think that’s essentially what I’m posting about today. Little updates combined into one post that lets you know how I’ve been, what I’ve been up to, and what you mean to me as a reader.

Two new books are on their way, a bunch of poems and some interesting thoughts and articles as well. I have been so focused on creating that I only have small updates like “still creating!” to post so I don’t see much point in posting that on here.

This seems to be what happens with me from time to time. Instead of finishing one piece, then another, ten get done all at once. So what’s been new? Let’s clump it all together now.

I’m happy to share with you that we now have a dedicated artist for the novels, and an editor!

Finding our editor was very difficult and expensive, I wasted money on so many people that simply took advantage of my dyslexia. I would show their work to friends and everyone would say it was good. Then, after I paid for the service… the same people would start pointing out droves of errors. Yeah!

I feel very insecure at times, but it also feels very triumphant when I keep on going. Sometimes I get frustrated. I wouldn’t call what I deal with severe, plenty of people are more severely dyslexic than I am. Regardless, it’s what I’m dealing with, and so it’s a big deal to me, right? Ha!

I read every day to strengthen my skills and make me a better writer. Sometimes I’ll get this big happy face because I read 30 pages in a day and it’s sad how many people almost get angry and tell me how they read 100 before bed. The other day I read 80 and still the eyes roll. I want to say “When was the last time you more than doubled your ability?”

Actually… sometimes I do say that. Sometimes I’m more skilled at shutting people down than I am at building myself up, too. I don’t like that. I can understand it, of course. A child does whatever they have to do to block out the day-in, day-out tsunami of negativity and spirit breaking that is every day life. What about an adult, though? When does the adult stop being the kid?

I’m no angel, but I do believe I’m working very hard on being a better person. I think part of being a better person is breaking free from the need of others. To not need their approval, to not need anything from them, but to always be willing to share with everyone. The biggest part of sharing, the hardest part, is letting others share with you. At least that’s my problem.

Great big walls surrounding a heart I don’t even understand.

Lately I’ve wondered if that’s the “grand lesson” in life, that life isn’t for anyone but you. When I make my life about others I’m never happy. I know that’s counter to what most people say.

My greed only exists because I allowed people to take too much in the past. My fear exists because I know in many ways I won’t do to others what they did to me and so I don’t know how to defend myself against them. My anger comes from that frustration. So I lash out trying to scare them as much as they scare me. So much of who I am is simply a response to the world, and not an expression of myself

I don’t like that, either.

Still, look at all our triumphs so far. Sure, Walk Through the Valley: The Hill Tribe is getting re-edited due to the last five editors being scam artists. Walk Through the Valley:  Calm Waters, my second novel, will probably be truly complete before my first novel… but whatever. It still counts as a completed novel.

We’re officially a novelist guys!

I think that’s why I’m writing, why I’m doing what’s hard, because those inner walls got built up so big I can’t see over them anymore. My heart, my soul or whatever you want to call that inner spark that is “who we are” is a complete mystery to me. Writing is like meditation. I can take a character who “isn’t me” and work them through my real life problems and see what it feels like. I’m writing to see what I recognize. When you read, you’re joining me on that journey and who knows, maybe finding a little of yourself as well.

I’m not the best at marketing, or business, I have about 200 followers if you add up social media and blogs. Yet, I get a lot of interaction from you all. I’ve gotten notes from people in jail telling me I’m the reason they try to rehabilitate. Others telling me something I said is why they stopped being an escort/prostitute. To lighter things, like people simply saying it’s nice to not feel alone, or “dude that fight scene was freakin’ awesome!” and other happy notes. I wish I got as much encouragement from friends and family as I do from you, but to keep it a more positive thought, I’m just glad to be getting encouragement.

I write for myself, but I think in a lot of ways we’re all writing for each other, too. The difference is we start with ourselves, and then we find each other because we’ve genuinely expressed ourselves. I feel like this is different from becoming who you think people will like. Granted, people who push to be liked tend to get liked and so they have hundreds of thousands of followers, but I think that’s good, too. I think marketing and social media and all that stuff is really hard and anyone who can be good at it is expressing themselves in a way. I’m going to be working on improving that part of this journey as well.

Who knows who we’ll connect with when reach out and try to connect? Should be fun to find out.

That’s something I learned about myself relatively recently as well, what a fragile thing I am in terms of connection. Hey, that’s not very macho! I know, right? Losing my man card here. For a long time I didn’t believe in love. Then I fell in love, then I believed in love, then I lost love.

She did fine, it did not go well for me. I think heartbreak in childhood is important, it teaches you how to deal with it. I meet a lot of women that have this like “bitter ex girlfriend” personality. I don’t date them, but I meet them. Eek! Yet I look at so many with envy because they at least are prepared in some way for future heartbreak. I got hit by a freight train when it happened. Honestly, there wasn’t a part of me that had any doubt about happily ever after and when it ended, I realized I had seen all the signs, I just assumed we would try to work it out. Nope, it was like-on to the next one. In the end, what was so awe inspiring, was like trying on a sweater or something for her. She had fallen in love before.

I understand maybe it’s possible I still don’t know what love is and that was never really love. So let’s at least call it the most powerful experience of the heart I’ve had to date. Sure, we got back together and broke up like 80 times after that. So I’m sure it wasn’t easy for her, either. It’s been a while now and in a lot of ways I still feel like I’m picking up the pieces. Perhaps if I had had more experiences beforehand I would have been ready. Then again, perhaps I wouldn’t have been so open to it.

I have survived a lot, and most of my childhood was only about surviving. I didn’t really have a chance to fall in love until I was already a grown man. We broke up, and a long string of bad decisions followed. I didn’t fall into drugs or alcohol, but searched for distractions in other women.  I guess I can’t call them all bad decisions, but certainly conflicting ones.

I’m a father now, by the way.


I know, that’s a big one to just insert in there so casually. I guess with the life I’ve lived I worry about stalkers and creeps somehow finding her. Mainly because I’ve had stalkers and they are pretty crafty at finding me.

It’s scary being a father. I taught her to crawl, to walk, and now she’s learning to run… okay, lightly jog, but she’s getting there! I know I can’t protect her from everything, and it’s not easy to communicate to her how to protect herself. She got so mad at me the other day because I wouldn’t let her eat a dirty rock. Not that a clean rock would have been much better…

Chip off the old block, she already knows everything, I’m just along for the ride. Ha, ha, jokes on me. I do my best to act out what could happen if she makes a mistake and then basically she decides if the risk is worth the reward. Often she listens, the problem is when she experiments and nothing bad happens.

I pretended to eat the rock, and then pretended to choke. She looked at me, looked at the rock… and shoved it in her mouth. She figured she was skilled enough now that she wouldn’t choke. She didn’t choke on the rock, but I won that battle because she couldn’t get the dirt out of her mouth. So I kept making “blahg” noises to show that it was gross and cleaned her mouth out with cotton swabs. Hopefully that’s the end of dirt eating. Time will tell.

Financially we hit a couple of snags, all of our projects will still get completed. I don’t know if there’s enough of us for a kickstarter to go fully funded, but it’s worth a shot since even if it doesn’t it may bring in more readers. More readers equals more feedback equals better story telling! Everything will get done either way, but it may take a little longer than I originally thought.

Remember to like me on facebook:


Pretty much everyone who follows my blog is subscribed to it because they know I struggle with dyslexia and new content sometimes takes time. It lets them know via email when I post something so they can devour it right away! I have a bunch of little updates that I want you to know about, but I feel bad filling your email with stuff like that.

So like my facebook and follow it and when I have something like “Edits are going great, cover design is on tack!” You can see it there and know I’m doing okay, without getting more email crammed into your inbox.

I know I need to set up twitter as well. I need someone to help me with that I don’t really understand how to use it. I’ll let you know when it’s ready.

So, that’s pretty much what I wanted to accomplish today. Say hello, catch up, let you know things haven’t fallen off I’ve just gotten so focused on the novels and writing that I didn’t have much dramatic to post here. Little updates are on facebook, and you’ll see there’s a bunch. At some point soon I’ll link twitter.

So, how have you been? What’s new?


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Help Poughkeepsie Author Kephra Rubin choose the cover to his next book.

Vote for my next book's cover.

Vote for my next book’s cover.

A poll is up, by voting you’ll get to choose which cover will be used for my next novel “Walk Through the Valley: Calm Waters”

Like my facebook page and get entered for a chance to win 1 of 10 free copies of the new novel that will feature a hand made calligraphy dedication with your name in it!

The Poll




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I Saved a Life Today, by Kephra Rubin

Save a Life Today, Every Day

Saving a Life Isn’t Limited to Others

I saved a life today

If there was nothing I could do
Then why are we training all the time?
Can you train me to stop replaying
A memory of light leaving your eyes?

Are you cold where you have gone?
Are you dark and on your own?
Do you need me there by your side
To join you there on one last ride?

You see someone has to suffer
Someone’s got to feel the pain
Someone’s got to be there for you
So I’ll join you on this day

I feel steel cold pressed against me
I prepare to write my ending
As I’m about to take it all
From the dark I hear your voice call

It’s telling me to honor you
To save the greatest life I can
That this life is my very own
It hurts to say I understand

That the battle will never end
Every day I will have to fight
But every day I save myself
Is a day I save another life

So for you I saved a life today

Written by Kephra Rubin
copyright 2015 kephra rubin

On this memorial day 2015, I chose to remember those who fell after the battle had already ended. What I’ve learned from interviews I’ve done for my writing, it’s that anyone who has been there, in the thick of battle, or deep in a fire, or holding a patient’s life in their hands, there’s no telling how close anyone is to such a choice. To ignore it or write it off as an act of cowardice is blindness. To those taken after the battle ended, you are not forgotten, either.

Soldiers aren’t alone.

According to FBHA 46 Firefighters committed suicide since the start of this year
In recent years more soldiers have taken their own lives than were lost to combat
Approximately 125 police officers will fall by their own hand each year
It was difficult to find statistics for EMS but in a six month period in 2014 I found a total of 23 articles detailing suicides.

These numbers are difficult to confirm. Aside from the difficulty in compiling, often these statistics only include deaths while on the job and often do not include those of volunteer emergency services.

During research I found many articles detailing how many members of these services will not come forward about their pain because they fear being removed from the job as a result. For anyone suffering that does not feel comfortable using traditional channels to seek help, feel free to contact me to talk, completely anonymous. I stay in touch with a few veterans I interviewed for a novel I wrote and they all say that just talking about it helped greatly. Even if all you do is create a throwaway email account, write me a long letter and then move on, getting it out helps.

When you save yourself, you save a life.

Thanks for reading.

Veteran’s hotline: 1-800-273-8255


I post as often as I can, but due to a slight case of dyslexia sometimes it is difficult to post quickly. I have to rewrite my work many times for it to be clear and concise. Subscribe and you’ll always know when I have something new up. Thanks in advance.

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Next Poem: The Turmoil Between

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