The Tank-SUV from “Fast Five” a detailed look. Updated on 6/2/15 with new specs!

Tank SUV in

Tank SUV in “FAST FIVE” a detailed look

Fast Five’s Tank SUV- The Gurkha F5

Grukha F5 Tank SUV From

Grukha F5 Tank SUV From “Fast Five”

People want to know, what’s that Tank SUV in the newest Fast and the Furious installment – “Fast Five”? We’ll take a quick look.
Unfortunately, I had mistakenly identified the Tank SUV as a custom version of Conquest Vehicles’ Knight XV in my movie review of “Fast Five”. This is incorrect. The Knight XV is CV’s luxury interpretation of the civilian version of company AAVI’s Gurkha F5 UPDATE 3/12/12: AAVI is now Terradyne Armored Vehicles. Also unfortunate is how difficult it is to find photos of the Gurkha F5. Thankfully the Knight XV is basically the same thing minus the super aggressive look of the Gurkha (yes, the knight XV is still very aggressive, but come on, LOOK at the Gurkha).

Knight XV (Similar Size to Gurkha for lack of a photo) Versus H2 Hummer

Knight XV (Similar Size to Gurkha for lack of a photo) Versus H2 Hummer

When the H1 Hummer first rolled onto the scene of Michael Bay’s smash hit “The Rock”, I knew I’d be seeing tons of people driving around in them and that’s exactly what happened. While it’s not my style, I still can’t help but gawk whenever I see an H1 drive by. Cars are the new horses, and every warrior wants one more badass than the last. Life evolves and so these days are no longer the age of such warriors anymore, and their absence has allowed Soccer Moms to get together and sprinkle powered sugar and tampons over just about every badass thing in America. With that movement came the H2, and there went any and all of my interest in anything from the company Hummer.

Armet Armored Vehicles Inc.---Creators of the Tank SUV in

Armet Armored Vehicles Inc.—Creators of the Tank SUV in “Fast Five”

Well, Armet Armored Vehicles Inc. is an exception to that rule. They are a Canadian based company that has a branch in Danville, Virginia. They are also not afraid to intimidate and offend those not fortunate enough to own one of their over the top TANK SUVs. In this troubled economy of high gas prices and low employment, AAVI realizes that hey, if you’re going to spend a boat load of money on a vehicle, it should be more than just a vehicle. The H1, as militant as it looks, is in no way bullet proof and cannot provide any kind of protection from ballistic threats. Who needs a bullet resistant SUV? Well, you’d be surprised. There are several hundred people in about a thirty mile radius of where I live that assign personal body guards to their children. My guess? If you have bodyguards for your children, perhaps the money spent on buying an unprotected vehicle would be better invested in something that not only can stop a threat, but deter it in the first place with sheer intimidation.

Dwayne Johnson Takes Aim next to his Gurkha F5 in

Dwayne Johnson Takes Aim next to his Gurkha F5 in “Fast Five”

This brings us to the point in the movie “Fast Five” where Dwayne Johnson pulls up in what looks like some sort of Tank-SUV Hybrid. The vehicle is the Gurkha F5 (eh hem, apologies to AAVI for my earlier mistake). The Vehicle is built from a Ford F-550 Super Duty 4 Wheel Drive Platform and has a V10 6.7L Engine with 400 horsepower (there will also be a V8 available). The whole package weighs around 7 tons.

Update: 6/2/15 The Gurkha product line has been expanded to three separate units. The LAPV resembles the F5 most closely now and comes with a 6.7L V8 Turbo Diesel Engine with 300 Horse Power, 660 foot pounds of torque, 6 speed automatic transmission and 40 gallon fuel tank. The two other models have the same engine.

A lot of people talk about manual transmission, but in tactical situations it is common under fire to drive with one hand, or for the passenger to drive the vehicle if the driver is injured, this is asinine with a stick drive, transmission engine is the way to go if it gets that bad.

Also, it’s worth noting that AAVI is now Terradyne Inc. find them at –end update.

What’s so interesting about this ride is regardless of how rugged it may seem, it will be available with many “luxury” options such as custom interiors to purchaser’s spec including custom colors, DVD/Blu-Ray player and video game console as well as communications packages to create a “mobile office” for the business class buyers.

Knight XV interior similar to Gurkha's

Knight XV interior similar to Gurkha’s

The Gurkha  Tank-SUV was released in conjunction with the “Fast Five” movie release, however the company is slow to market the vehicle and there is very little promotional material. Luckily, minus the black, the interior of the Knight XV is pretty much the same thing, without the extreme customization options of the Gurkha F5.  So you can get a feel for what the interior looks like for now until AAVI releases more photos of their product.

So what you see in this picture is one of many different possible configurations. I’m sure Mini Bar and more are also possibilities. It will definitely put you in a more luxurious position than any regular tank or armored personnel carrier’s interior.

Gurkha F5 with optional turret... I don't know how, but the site says civilians can have it

Gurkha F5 with optional turret… I don’t know how, but the site says civilians can have it

Security features include infrared cameras, joystick controlled search light, five door configuration, one being a rear exit, run flat tires, ballistic protection (discussed later) armored grille and ballistic windows. The Knight XV offers all of this, however the Gurkha F5 also offers your choice of turret (ha ha, I’m not joking, the laughter is just me being overjoyed at the possibility of a manned turret on the way to see a movie for my next review… ha ha) belly- blast protection to improve your chances of surviving an I.E.D. along with your choice of standard or automatic and right or left hand drive. It’s much more intimidating than an H2 and yet is roomier on the inside, with more comfortable seating and extra leg space, which is a plus.

Gurkha F5 as seen in

Gurkha F5 as seen in “Fast Five”

Its armor level is CEN EURO NORM 1063 B7+… I have no idea what the means. I did a little research into what it can stop and the short answer is it will stop everything from a 9mm handgun to a Dragnov Rifle, AND, this is amazing… .50 Caliber BMG threats! For those who don’t know: America’s Barrett .50 is used mainly as an anti material weapon… which means there’s snipers that go out into the battlefield… to kill tanks. Granted, they use fancy rounds with depleted uranium tips and incendiary cores, which this ride won’t stop either. But the basic .50 BMG full metal jacket ammunition would punch right through a Knight XV based on stats from the conquest vehicles’ website, not true for the Gurkha F5.

Custom Rims, executive interior, aggressive “Don’t even try it” exterior, Cadillac-style angular/faceted body design, tank-like appearance and yet still D.O.T. approved while being able to stop just about any threat that comes your way, all while playing video games, watching TV or running your business from a “mobile office”. It sounds like a dream come true. Don’t cringe too much at the roughly $450,000 price tag depending on selected options. Hey, you can shoot through an entire Lamborghini with a 9mm pistol, so if you’re going to spend what some people make in a decade on a ride, ya might as well get something a little more functional.

The Gurkha F5 available now:

For the same look in something a little less over the top, check out Conquest Vehicle’s Knight XV

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17 Responses to The Tank-SUV from “Fast Five” a detailed look. Updated on 6/2/15 with new specs!

  1. Some dude says:

    That thing is ridiculous. I can’t believe someone actually owns that and was able to park it in a parking structure. Over compensating for something.

    • Kephra Rubin says:

      It is definitely over the top, lol. You could be right about the overcompensation thing, but I know some people are pretty hardcore into that bogging and whatever, crawling I think they call it. I don’t know how well something like this would do in those environments, but the appearance seems like it would appeal to that adventurous type of personality. Not to mention “posturing” where people use intimidation to establish dominance is something that is integrated into every aspect of our lives from the personal all the way up to the sociological. Intimidation can definitely be a great deterrent. If you have a choice between robbing some over compensating douchebag in a ferrari or lambo, or another douche bag in a Gurkha F5, who are you going to pick? Granted, the ferrari guy could be armed and ready for war while the Gurkha guy could only have a pencil to defend himself with, but when you see the Gurkha, I think to myself “this is probably just the beginning, this guy’s probably got all kinds of weapons inside too.” Who knows, maybe I’m just over thinking it, lol.

  2. Eugene Lempert says:

    those that seek, shall find it. Why is some one owning this vehicle so hard for believe? was designed for a war zone and it works with in those specifications.

    • Kephra Rubin says:

      It’s definitely zombie proof, and with your choice of optional turret, it’s both battle and mardi gras ready, so… yeah… I don’t see what the issue is either

  3. Wow! Good writing, awesome article!

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  5. Andy says:

    I want to buy a kit to make a hummer street legal to look like the fast five Gerka

    • Kephra Rubin says:

      Actually, if a kit were available it’d be for the ford F 550 and since both the Gurkha and the XV are technically street legal the conversion wouldn’t be too bad for someone who was skilled at what they did. I can’t imagine it being asininely expensive so long as it wasn’t actually bullet proof, at least compared to the armored versions. Thanks for the post.

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  7. Pingback: The Off Road Cars from Transformers Age of Extinction: A Detailed Look | Kephra Rubin

  8. jeremiah says:

    in the movie it sounds as if its a diesel. both engines you described are not. why

    • Kephra Rubin says:

      Yes that is correct, good ear! At the time of the post their information and details did not mention diesel so I assumed it was just a movie sound engineer thing. Quite a long while after posting the article, they got in touch with me about their new media. It details a diesel engine. When I get home I’ll update the article. Thanks for posting! Remember to subscribe to my blog, soon I’ll finally get to interview the folks that built the flip car also featured in the furious franchise.

    • Kephra Rubin says:

      Hey, thanks for posting with a great and relevant comment. During an interview with Dennis McCarthy, who was in charge of the cars in the movie, says it’s a Terradyne LAPV, however when the movie first came out Terradyne had a different name and they only had the Gurkha F5. Soon after they changed their name to terradyne and expanded their line and the F5 became the LAPV.

      When the first MRAP came into service, it really didn’t look anything like the F5/LAPV. The main feature of MRAP is a V shaped hull that diverts explosive energy away from the vehicle, which I don’t remember seeing in the film at all.

      Since then MRAP has been such a successful design that it’s more of a designation for a type of vehicle than one specific vehicle. It’s possible terradyne modified their LAPV to meet MRAP spec, or another company based their MRAP design on it. I’d have to research a bit. As far as the movie it’s the Gurkha F5/LAPV right from the car director’s mouth.

      Thanks for posting, when I have some free time I’ll look into this so we can curb our curiosity. Or feel free to research it more and post another reply.

      Thanks for posting.

  9. judas says:

    nice.. err.. review.. 🙂
    I looked up for this beast, not from fast five movie, but from gta v game (it’s called “insurgent” in there)
    But since I read this, I kinda hooked with your other writing in this site, I really enjoyed it. Thanks man, keep on writing 🙂

    • Kephra Rubin says:

      Thanks a lot, it can be tough sometimes getting things as good as I want them to be. I finally have an editor I can trust for my books so I think they’ll start to become something special in the near future. The car articles seem to be the most popular, but my poetry and philosophy are what inspire people to subscribe. If you haven’t already feel free to subscribe, I don’t post as often as most since it takes me a while to get things right, but when I post you’ll know and I can get your input on how to make my writing better. That’s the main reason I post, my writing is leaps and bounds better today from comments and emails I’ve received. Thanks again, hope to hear from you on my next piece.


      Thanks for reading and commenting

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